Experience the excitement

of watching a pile of sand transform into a sculpture of your dreams. Or, take on the excitement and adrenaline of competition at the beach. Yes the Doctor
is in. Grab your bucket and shovel and let's get started!
the "SandDoc," Michael Velling

People are captivated

by the Performance Art of Sand
Sculpting. A sculpture by itself is great. But, seeing something
extraordinary created out of something so ordinary fascinates
people. Whether yours is a private, corporate event,
promotional activity, festival or display for the general public,
you will find people hovering around the sand sculptures.
As a performance art, when carving during the event,
people are able to ask questions to quell their curiosities.
You will keep coming back to observe the various stages
of the creative process to completion.

Depending upon the venue

, the
sculpture can stand on its own. To identify
your business or event, your sponsors logo
may be displayed or carved as part of the
sculpture. Get your camera out for a
lasting memory.